To be Dainty

“I want to be dainty,” my Body whispered once after a night of dancing and tequila shots, slightly aching but feeling wonderfully used up. “I want to feel petite and darling and fair, to be gathered up in someone’s arms and feel like nothing at all.”   I’ve been called beautiful, voluptuous, cute, pretty, gorgeous… … Continue reading To be Dainty


Most Days

Most days, I have no idea what I'm doing Most days, I just keep going knowing things will happen if I keep myself in line if I follow the plan Most days, I forget that the best pieces of me came when I was flying blind when I dove, head first, into the oblivion and … Continue reading Most Days

she sits on a stoop her ass and thighs feeling the numb of months of winter through her jeans through the cement through the vibration of the garbage truck down the street she coos, a hand outstretched to a cat with ugly scars and sad drippy eyes that have seen colder nights and hotter days … Continue reading