Christina Barker is a writer based in Cambridge, Ontario.

She began writing as a young child, often overflowing her school journals and cramming the lined pages with imagery that went over the requested word count. As a teenager, Christina became more focused on writing short fiction pieces and wrote, produced and directed several short films with a childhood friend for their school’s Film Club. Working on scripts was a new experience for Christina and she loved having to polish her storylines and character development into concise timelines because of the challenge it represented. At 18, she was pushed into learning more about poetry and truly fell in love with it.

She studied English Literature at the University of Guelph and has grown into a more defined voice. Her style is shaped by spoken word, feminist texts, political satire and some good old Irish Catholic guilt. She often finds herself writing about mental health, relationships, nature, feminism and memory. She uses a combination of experience, second-hand story-telling and repetition to create a raw, distinct impression upon readers.

Christina focuses most of her writing in poetry but does write short fiction and scripts. She is currently working on a chapbook to be released late Spring 2017. She is also going through the early phases of writing a novel and will be blogging about the experience on this site.  She participates in the KW and Guelph area poetry slams and other poetry events in the area.

For updates on Christina’s work and events, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Contact Christina for collaboration, freelance opportunities, event invitations or if you just need someone to talk to. Also feel free to send her any photos of your cute dogs, and yes, all dogs are cute dogs.