naked constant

she’s the kind of honest that people back away from
Out of fear or something else more primal
Something that says getaway while you can
Like how a herd of animals knows how to avoid the sick ones and casts them to the outside, the borders of the group, until one day they are gone, carcass or carrion.
People only see her sharpness, her blunt exterior that spits and curses and says too much about too much
But her honesty is beautiful
It’s naked and constant
She’s known her flaws and issues since they were born and embraces them like the cats that she calls her babies
She is the grown up emo child
With a fuck you written in her eyes
But will gladly say it with her lips and tongue
A tongue that has tasted love and lust and is not sure which she prefers because she can never seem to have both
The men she chases are just boys and are not ready to tame the beast that is her, her mind, her heart. No they can’t be tamed, but they can be saited and held, at peace for once from the intermittent blaring of emotions that become too loud and then nonexistent and then like crashing waves again. Again.
So she let’s no one in as she let’s everyone in. Being too open is a brother monster of not being open at all. And it still ends the same way. Bitter, alone, except for the few who stand with her, guarding against scavengers, protecting herself against herself. A girl, wasting her life waiting for someone to love. Remembering to take breaths in time like the bobbing of waves,
scanning the horizon for her more


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