Say my name

Say my name.

savour it like the most decadent of desserts (is it sweet or salty? spicy?)

taste it until you memorize

every crease and crinkle

every dimple and dent

until your tongue forgets an existence

before it curled around my name

let its morsels dissolve into your very being

until it is part of you

Say my name

until it becomes entwined

with the beating of your heart

& your blood sings it’s syllables

Say my name

so that when you hear It,

years from now,

across a party

or maybe at a street festival,

shouted by a stranger’s lips,

it will still cause your breathe to start

your heart to trip

& your tongue

will wish to savour it once more

but later

when you whisper it to yourself

it will fill you only with yearning

and you will find no solace

in my name


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