In the beginning

there was a blank page, and I saw that that was no good. Though beautiful in it’s empty purity and amazing capability to hold anything, a blank page has wasted potential. A canvas waiting to be splashed on. A blue sky devoid of cloud cover. Everything is more interesting when something else comes into effect. 

And I guess that’s where I come in. I’m a writer and feel more comfortable with a pen in my hand than without one. I’m not just talking about feeling better when I’m writing, I mean that holding a pen, getting a feeling for it’s weight and the slide of the ink really calms my anxiety. When I’m waiting for an appointment or on hold on the phone or simply waiting for a friend in a new place, I like having a pen between my fingers. If I were a drummer, I would be a wiz with spinning those sticks. I suppose it’s a sort of delusion of grandeur for me to think that I’m the “something” that interacts with the blank paper to make it more interesting but I think it’s when I, with my experiences and tastes and idiosyncrasies, brush against that wide blank expanse of paper, we create something different. And the paper is changed by this relationship. But so am I. I am no longer the person who wrote those words, who had those feelings, who ached in that creative purging until I had to expel those words from my being. I am something else. Something more interesting for having touched that paper.

I’m not entirely sure if that made complete sense but I’d love to discuss it with anyone who wants to.  In any case, I’m writing this blog and started this website today, February 23, for a few reasons. I want to write and share my work, of course. I want to challenge myself to create, to making something interesting than what this began as. So, I intend to blog my writing process while writing a novel this spring and summer. I also want to share my experiences of trying to edit and self-publish a chapbook that will (it will be because I’m saying it here so now I have a deadline) be out late Spring 2017.

So, here I am, naked as a writer and about to share my stories with you. I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to comment and criticize but keep in mind this is and will always be a safe space for everyone in this community. I’ll be posting some poetry shortly and a couple short fiction pieces. I’ll also use this site to share any spoken word events and other poetry events I’ll be attending and posting video of my performances.

Thank you for your time, cheers for now.



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