“Did you miss me?”

"Did you miss me?" So many ways to hear these four words. A quiet threat. A cocky taunt. A charismatic welcome. A curious query. A desperate question. So many ways to interpret these four words. No wonder we get so confused when you bring the whole human into the equation. Not to mention, how one … Continue reading “Did you miss me?”


like, comment, share, repeat

we study in cubes eat in pods play in virtual realities talking with thumbs and photos proving we exist while wearing head phones block out sound block off touch touch of a smile touch of a stranger a lover lose the urge to speak to scream to screw Hush now! notifications are the caress you … Continue reading like, comment, share, repeat


“dance with me” my pen whispers every night as the January wind whistles and my aloe plant clings to life listening to Velvet Underground between Spotify ads It tempts and teases me, sitting at my desk, the notebook waiting to be opened, a dancefloor finer, smoother than any other fingers twitch and mind stretches A … Continue reading untitled


we drove on a night as dark as an undiscovered cavern over hills & under bridges we glided and sang duets about paper girls and secrets in our coffee the November air streamed through the windows & reminded us to stay alive. we stopped on a hilltop at the highest perch of our small city … Continue reading we


***an exercise on subtext i quite enjoyed written a while ago *** “Want to go out for supper tonight? I’ve been craving pizza all week.” “I just put water on. I was going to make Kraft Dinner and tuna.” She sighs. “Oh. Alright.” “Do you want tea?” he asks, wrapping his arm around her shoulder … Continue reading Rerun